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African women prostitution:Booming business in Senegal







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Every day at 19 hours, * Rama (23 years) after giving her cosmetics in her purse, goes to a popular bar in Dakar, the Senegalese capital.

The bar is a place frequented by wealthy expatriates and Senegalese bank accounts probably well supplied. Rama's work is to draw in his bed as many men as possible for as much as 50 euro for ten minutes:

''Most of the time, men give you a fortune, the equivalent of a salary of many civil servants. Doing business and nobody loses.''

Rama is one of thousands of young sex workers who thrive on the streets, bars and nightclubs of Dakar. Most of them say they have been trained to do this work because of poverty and unemployment but also by lack of opportunity to succeed in life.

Bilkisu is a 31 year old Nigerian who moved to Dakar in 2008 after her girlfriends had talked about the flourishing sex industry in the Senegalese capital:

''I feel at home in Senegal. Here I have many more opportunities in Nigeria. Men interested in prostitutes and in general they are paying what you ask.''

In Senegal, prostitution is legal and regulated for three decades. And that, officially, to monitor the health status of prostitutes, many of which are regularly checked in the public health centers. But for some, the legalization of prostitution is a means of attracting tourists to Senegal in search of sex.

Can any woman who has become a prostitute 21 years or more, provided, however, be registered as such by the police, to check in regularly to health centers official to exercise discretion and have a health card valid showing negative tests for sexually transmitted diseases. However, many prostitutes in Dakar does not meet these conditions. Rama, for example, considers a waste of time is to register with the police:

Why me''to register with the police when I know I will find myself in a complicated situation? Many of my friends have been discriminated against when doing so. The police harassed them, called them and treated them like the recent past.''

Upon his arrival in Dakar, Bilkisu, on the advice of a colleague has been registered. Result: a nightmare:

''I was arrested and threatened with deportation, even if an hour after they released me. They attacked me for leaving my country and coming to Senegal, as they said, bring diseases and immoral conduct.''

Organisations for the Defence of Human Rights and NGOs concerned about the sexual exploitation of women workers by their customers. According to some, sex workers are regularly subjected to physical attacks by clients who refuse to pay after having sex with them. This is the case of Rama, which shows the scars of his wounds. Some customers, she said, tearing the condoms they do not support in relationships, thus putting at risk but also themselves.

For Bilkiusu, they are not customers but the agents responsible for enforcing the law that are the problem:''Sometimes they force you to give them bribes. If you're unlucky, they'll take everything you have that night and warn you not to tell anyone.''

While the sex industry is booming, medical services are concerned about the number of sex workers who are not regularly monitored.

Absa Ndoye works in a health center in the suburbs of Dakar. She said the main problem is that the unknown number of unregistered sex workers and if they take precautions.

There are no official figures on the current number of sex workers in Senegal, but some reports Dakar is one of the capitals of the sex industry in Africa, sex workers from sub-Saharan Africa but also North Africa and the Middle East.

The Dakar government has not changed its policy on prostitution and so far has no plans to ban prostitution in Senegal.

And Rama Bilkisu and many others of their colleagues, customers are willing to show their money and no money or risk exploitation or keep them away from the sex trade so lucrative. Sheriff Bojang Jnr (Dakar).
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