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There really is a reason you can’t stop staring at the beautiful rack of the young african woman sitting across from you on the subway. That is its whole purpose, actually: to get you interested in making babies, or at the very least in donating your seed. But be careful young ape, for the power of the boobs is strong. Just don’t neglect the fine booties out there; after all, it is your legacy.
My theory is that african men and african american male, black people like gorgeous african ladies breasts for two main reasons: First, because right or wrong, black female breasts have become the visual badge of a beautiful african woman's sexuality. The bigger the african girls boobs, supposedly the greater her sexual prowess. (Thanks Pamela Anderson. No surprise here that you got voted off of Dancing With the Stars) Now we enlightened women know that this is a crock of horse poop, but it is what it is, and trying to change a man's mind on this subject is wasted energy. We also know that while the majority of men will raise both hands when offered a serving of double D's, when talking about the woman they love, large breasts fall way down on the list of things they love (or miss) about her.
The second, and most important reason that I believe that men love breasts are because no matter what their size or shape,they are interactive. Beautiful african girls breasts, particularly nipples, respond physically to arousal and desire. African Men love the way breasts become engorged and how nipples swell and stiffen in their hands and mouths. This gives our visually oriented partners immediate feedback,ego gratification and the incentive to continue to please.
So again, beautiful ladies, stop worrying about what you don't have and start enjoying what you do. Embrace the health and sensitivity of your breasts and let the other things like their size and shape fall way down on your list of things you dislike about yourself. Wrap them up pretty like the gift they are and enjoy the sexual energy the produce.
Why african people, black male love african women boobs and butts so much? Why african men love curvy women so much? And for the ass men out there, what is so compelling about a tight, well-formed, luscious, perfect glutemus maximus? And thirdly, who cares as long as we get a good piece of each? Good, poignant, thought provoking queries. The first two we delve into below. The third one: you’re right, it really doesn’t matter as long as you’ve got a hand on at least one of them. But aren’t you just a little curious?
Now, since humans began making whoopie in the horizontal face to face position, what is a man looking at? Face and chest. So human females evolved in these areas to attract desirable males (in some cases they attracted females, which in turn attracted more men; score 1 for girl on girl). But how do you improve this view for an animal that has evolved over eons to really appreciate a great ass? Easy: you add the african ladies curves of a great ass! No surprise then that nice cleavage resembles a nice ass eh?And there you have it.

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African people should be clear about what they want and need to their beautiful african ladies, gorgeous black female. Black ladies are very beautiful.I love their curvy shape.


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It's possible to tell the truth without blaming or judging each other. You might not always like what you hear – your partner might have likes and dislikes that you didn't even know about. He might tell you that you could do with a little less weight or you might want him to drink less so that he doesn't snore.

Remember, lies are often used to keep things the same; honesty without blame or judgement can lead to positive change.
Be true to yourself

In order for a relationship to keep growing, you need to "show up" fully in the relationship. Be there emotionally, physically, intellectually and spiritually. If both of you bring everything you are to a relationship, you will be able to find creative solutions to your problems.

For example, he wants to get romantic while you want to have tea and tell him about an amazing book that you have just read. Instead of him storming off in a rebuked huff, he lies back and listens and, as he responds to you and hears what you have to say, you have a chance to reconsider his earlier proposition.
Shift gears to find the right solutions
Conflict can, and should, lead to creative solutions and growth within a relationship but also requires a willingness to "shift gears" when it comes to finding an answer. Steer away from a preconceived solution and remain open to an unexpected one, advises Raath.
She quotes the example of a couple who could not find any common ground because the husband craved adventure while the wife loved her home comforts.
Then a friend gave them a surprise gift of a parachute jump and they found that they both loved skydiving. Suddenly they had an exciting new interest and hobby, as well as something they could share.
Open the window, but don't jump
When going through a challenging or boring phase in your relationship, don't lose perspective. Look at the situation in the context of the entire relationship. Remember that intimacy is not something that is ready made. We make our relationship into something valuable by using the raw material available to us. The joy lies in weaving intricate tapestries and extracting gold out of our agonies and ecstasies.

If you've been in the same relationship for a long time, open the windows to invite in some fresh air: take risks, embark on new adventures together, and relish your own creation.
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